Rams News: Todd Gurley’s Knee ‘Feeling Good;’ Did Not Discuss Offseason Surgery
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the Los Angeles Rams began their offseason workouts Monday, star running back Todd Gurley was the center of attention.

Attention was particularly focused on Gurley’s injured left knee. The Rams restricted Gurley’s workload throughout the last few weeks of the regular season as well as the playoffs. Gurley even missed the final two games of the regular season.

Gurley says that his knee is doing well. According Myles Simmons of TheRams.com, Gurley is taking his injury management one day at a time:

“My knee’s feeling good, man,” Gurley said on Monday. “Just been taking it day by day, and feeling pretty good.”

It is encouraging to hear that his knee is feeling better, but there has still been no official diagnosis. Some rumors have circulated that Gurley has a degenerative condition or arthritis affecting his knee. He has declined to put any label on his knee issues.

As far as potential procedures for his knee, Gurley stated that there was never a discussion:

“No, not really. Just sat down with Reggie, talked about options or whatever. And really, just resting — that was the main thing. That was my first time ever playing in February — everyone’s first time playing in February. So really it would’ve been my knee, or my ankle, or my shoulder, but it woud’ve been time to give everything a rest. So I think that was the biggest part for me, to be able to take some time off, and then be able to know my body and come back and work out and just try to get back to finishing what we left off last year.”

Playing in February is undoubtedly the goal and expectation for the Rams this year. Managing Gurley’s load will be instrumental to assuring that goal is reached.