Rams Playing In Front Of Sold-Out SoFi Stadium Crowd Currently ‘Seems Low’

The Los Angeles Rams informed 2020 NFL season ticket holders of the unlikelihood they will be able to play in front of sold-out crowds due to guidelines.

In an email sent out to season-ticket holders, the Rams let it be known they are developing plans for each possible scenario heading into the new season.

“While we continue to plan to play Rams games at SoFi Stadium this season, the likelihood of being allowed to play in front of a sold-out crowd of cheering fans seems low at this point,” the Rams said two months before the new season.

“We are contingency planning around a number of different capacity scenarios.”

The NFL owners recently passed a rule requiring stadiums to block off the first eight rows in the lower level in order to protect the players and staff members.

Instead of season-ticket holders, the seats may be covered with advertisements after 31 owners approved it except for Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis.

The Rams are one of only three teams moving to a new stadium, making it imperative their fans give them a warm welcome to their new homes soon.

However, even if the league’s new rule was never put in place, the odds of packing the stadium to its fullest capacity were slim due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic still very much impacting the United States, social distancing requirements of at least six feet are still in play now.

SoFi Stadium has a max capacity of 70,240 seats, which makes it nearly impossible to sell out the venue and follow those current guidelines.

There is also still the possibility the entire season will be played without fans in attendance, which would be devastating to the Rams and all 32 teams.

As the Rams continue to prepare for all possible outcomes, fans will hold their breath hoping they will even be allowed to come to the new SoFi Stadium.

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