Rams News: Brandon Staley Happy To Work With And Learn From Sean McVay
Photo by Gabriel Christus

The Los Angeles Rams have already gone to work in the offseason as their coaching staff has essentially undergone a complete makeover.

One of those changes was head coach Sean McVay and general manager Les Snead’s decision to let go of defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. With someone with as much experience as Phillips gone, the Rams have brought in a relatively unknown name Brandon Staley to replace him.

Staley was a linebackers coach for both the Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos, working under Vic Fangio. Fangio was the defensive coordinator for the Bears and became the Broncos’ head coach last season.

During a sit down interview with J.B. Long of TheRams.com, Staley praised McVay for his coaching philosophy and expressed his belief that the two will pair well together:

“The great thing about Sean as a football coach is that he has command over all the positions on the field, offense, defense or kicking unit. He has a vision for what his team wants to look like and I think that, for me being a former quarterback, him being an offensive coach, you’re going to be able to collaborate on a really deep level to make your side of the ball as good as it can be, and that’s what I was so excited about was being able to partner up with a guy that truly believed in what I believe in and a guy that also can make me better. I think that when you partner up with someone as gifted as he is as a coach, it’s going to allow you to grow and give your players a chance to be really successful, because you’re trying to take your thing as far as you can.”

While some might worry about Staley’s inexperience at the position, McVay was just as inexperienced when Snead brought him in. Now there is no doubt that McVay is one of the most innovative coaches in the NFL. Hopefully, Staley can do some innovating of his own for the defense.

Of course, McVay will likely still have plenty of control over his entire roster, as Staley mentioned.

Staley also commented on the deep competition of the NFC West. He feels that despite having to see the likes of the Seattle Seahawks and NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers multiple times per year, he looks forward to the competition. Staley certainly knows what he is in for, and the hope is that he can help the Rams turn around from the mediocre 2019 campaign to get back to the Super Bowl this upcoming season.