Rams News: Aqib Talib Believes Jared Goff Will Be An ‘Elite’ Quarterback For A Long Time
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams roster has undergone a handful of changes this offseason, including trading cornerback Aqib Talib to the Miami Dolphins.

The Rams originally brought Talib in to provide a veteran presence in their secondary and he was a big part of their team that made it to the Super Bowl a year ago.

He has been hampered by injuries though, including one to his ribs that landed him on injured reserve after just five games this season. Talib was eligible to be activated after Week 15, but the Rams needed to save some money for a potential Jalen Ramsey extension, so he was traded to Miami.

Talib has played on five times in 12 NFL seasons, playing with some of the best quarterbacks and even winning a Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos. On a recent appearance on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Talib had kinds words for his former teammates on the Rams, Jared Goff, believing he is among the elite group of quarterbacks:

“I love Jared Goff, honestly. Money balls. It’s like John Elway highlights in practice. Deep balls, money balls, double moves. He’s got one of the most accurate, best deep balls I’ve seen in a long time. And then he’s smart. He’s one of those guys who’s in one of those unique situations where he got his tech teacher as the owner of the company [Sean McVay] and he’s not going anywhere. He’s gonna be able to learn that system and master that system. I remember practice one time, I had a nice vet day where I didn’t need to practice so Sean [McVay] wanted to put me to work. He said ‘we’re doing two-minute [drills] today and you’re calling the two-minute.’ I said ‘alright, I got it.’ And he said ‘Jared, you’re calling it for the offense.’ So it was me vs. Jared, we were the coordinators. I won, let’s get that out of the way, they didn’t score, my defense won. But Jared just looked so comfortable. It was like, I didn’t know if Sean was calling the plays or if Jared was because it was the same routine and the same reps that Sean would’ve done. So that just goes to show you that he is growing super comfortable in this offense. Criticize him all you want, but Jared is gonna be one of the elite guys for a long time in this league.”

Talib’s admiration for Goff is certainly a high honor after playing with a couple of all-time great NFL quarterbacks in Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Although Talib has been a defensive powerhouse over his career, he certainly knows a thing or two about what makes quarterbacks tick.

Although this season has been quite the roller coaster ride for Goff, the bright spots have been very entertaining. His incredible turnaround against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had fans on the edge of their seats for nearly the entire fourth quarter.

Goff has taken his fair share of criticism over the last year, but he is still just 25 years old and continuing to grow, so it is nice to see a player and teammate on Talib’s quality coming to his defense.