Aaron Donald Just ‘Tired Of Guessing And Not Knowing’ About 2020 Season

Aaron Donald has been working hard all summer, so it is understandable why he is frustrated with the lack of transparency regarding the 2020 NFL season now.

According to Cameron DaSilva of Rams Wire, Donald just wants to get back on the football field and begin working out with his teammates for the new season.

“I was just talking to a couple people with the Rams. I think everybody’s mindset is still we start in July around camp. I just don’t know how they’re going to do camp just because all the situations,” Donald said about the current situation. “I know a lot of guys that aren’t able to train and do much but I think everybody’s mindset as far as the organization, coaches, players, we’re going to start sometime around July — normal camp days, so. We won’t know until they tell us, but that’s what it’s looking like just from hearing from different people. I’m just ready to get back working man, doing something. I’m just ready for some dates, though. I’m tired of guessing and not knowing, but ain’t much we can do now but just wait.”

The NBA and MLB are set to resume in late July, which gives the NFL the opportunity to see how those leagues manage the coronavirus (COVID-19).

If all goes well, the NFL could integrate ideas from those two leagues into its own plans to further ensure the pandemic does not delay or derail its season.

As it currently stands, most players are expected to report to 2020 NFL training camp on July 28 and prepare for the season just as they normally would.

However, with the 2020 NFL preseason being shortened to two games, players will have much more time in between training camp and organized football now.

Donald mentioned in a previous video of his that he has not missed an entire week of workouts since the offseason began, further emphasizing the fact that he has been trying to stay in shape despite the lack of OTAs and other team activities.

A proven workhorse, the 29 year old is itching to get back to sacking quarterbacks and leading the Los Angeles Rams defense back to the Super Bowl soon.

During the 2019 season, Donald put up a league-leading 20 tackles for loss to go along with 12.5 sacks and two forced fumbles on his way to another All-Pro year.

Until the NFL finalizes their plan, Donald can only sit back and continue to train for what should be a very important season as the Rams try to catapult themselves back into the league’s upper echelon of teams after missing the playoffs.

With other leagues soon resuming their seasons, Donald will hopefully get the answers he is looking for sooner rather than later regarding the pandemic.

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