Rams News: Refs Tell Jared Goff Aaron Donald ‘Best I’ve Ever Seen’
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Aaron Donald is widely considered one of the best players in the NFL. Jared Goff appears to have confirmed that even league officials feel the same way.

Goff has spent the 2018 NFL season asking refs what they think of his teammate. According to Cameron DaSilva of Rams Wire, he says they have admitted that Donald may be the best in league history:

“He’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” Goff said. “I try to get a gauge – I’ll ask the head judge [when] he’s having a week like that, ‘How’s 99 look?’ And they’ll be like, ‘He’s the best I’ve ever seen.’ So you hear that pretty often. I’m just happy he’s on our side and I don’t have to face him. But yeah, he’s incredible and he deserves everything coming his way.”

Goff’s comments are certainly intriguing. Although the stigma surrounding referees is mostly negative, there is good reason to believe their opinions carry plenty of weight. After all, they have the best seats in the house to watch players like Donald perform at the highest level. Furthermore, the majority of them have been in the league for quite some time which means they have seen some of the best to ever put on a helmet.

Donald is doing what he can to earn such a distinction. The reigning Defensive Player of the Year has somehow managed to follow up with an even more spectacular season. His impact on the game was extremely evident in Week 13 versus the Detroit Lions. Although the offense had faltered all day, Donald was able to put them in an easy position to score after registering two sacks, four quarterback hits, four tackles for loss, and a forced fumble.

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