Rams News: Issac Bruce, Orlando Pace Say Patriots Cheated In Super Bowl XXXVI

The New England Patriots are the most prolific dynasty in recent NFL history. However, their success certainly has not come without its fair share of controversy throughout the years.

Among the notable players to point out the Patriots’ football crimes is Rams legend Issac Bruce. During a recent appearance on Pardon My Take, Bruce alleged that they had filmed the team’s walkthroughs leading up to Super Bowl XXXVI:

“And I think it gave them an edge as well,” Bruce said. “I mean, you know, we were really rolling that year, and no one covered us. It’s funny, TMZ never came out with that tape, you never saw that tape!”

Rams Hall of Famer Orlando Pace echoed Bruce’s comments, saying their actions that game were a bit suspicious during an appearance on PFT Live

“There’s a little bit of suspicion there. I think guys all feel that way. They had a pretty solid game plan for us, so I don’t know. . . . They knew exactly what we were going to do down there.”

Their claims may fall on the long list of conspiracy theories that have trailed the Patriots’ success over the last two decades. However, there is no denying that the Rams had one of the most prolific offenses in NFL history with “The Greatest Show On Turf”.

That said, the prospect of an up-and-coming New England team shutting down them down the way they did seems unlikely. Unfortunately, Bruce and Pace are left with the prospect of what more they could have accomplished.